Metal Screams Can, and Eventually Will, Ruin the Voice if Not Done Correctly

Oh, good modern metal. Metal music is really pushed to the underground now. It is not how it was in the 80’s, when Iron Maiden and Megadeth were tearing up the airwaves and causing unaccustomed parents to have heart attacks when kids were drawing skeletons on their notebooks.

So, metal is not in the greatest of shape right now. The best metal acts are in the underground, and they thankfully survived the popularity of emo-rock and screamo. Yet, metal is alive and well, and not just from the 80’s bands who are still killing it. Iron Maiden released an insane double album in 2015 called The Book of Souls, and it was definitely a return to form for the band.

Some fans may not know that Bruce Dickinson had a cancerous tumor in his throat prior to recording the record. There is speculation that all his singing and screaming through the years led to the cancerous growth.

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Truthfully, there may be something to that. Regardless, metal fans are learning how to metal scream in either a good way or a bad way. Many frontmen (and women) are screaming for their group. But, they are damaging their voice. They are going to develop lymph nodes and nodules that will forever impact their ability to sing. Learning to metal scream is not easy in the slightest. It seems so easy for anyone who does not know much about metal. But, doing it without doing damage takes practice.

Now, someone who is young may be able to scream for a few months, even years, without any issues. But, anyone who wants to take it seriously will find that their voice is broken, strained, and scarred. That may be “metal,” but it isn’t healthy. It also makes the music sound terrible. Warm-ups are really only the beginning.

For the sake of making a great metal record, learn how to scream sing from the right guys. Learn the techniques required to preserve the voice and get the best performance out. The fans will love it. If this is a dream (and a serious one), it should be taken seriously.


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